Meet Andy


Andrew was always fun, he was all smiles and laughter. Even as a small child, life was joyful and full of love. His life only spanned 30 years but he lived everyday to the fullest. He loved his family and those he served with. We are a military family; each of us having served on active duty knew how precious time together was. He loved to joke, pull a prank, just about anything to get a laugh. Dancing was never his strong suit but he'd tear up a dance floor when the urge struck or bust out the Harlem Shake, with timing only Andy could master. He was the guy you wanted to be your friend. The guy you'd call when you were stuck, be it on the side of the road or out at a bar. He was loyal and competitive. The three of us kids growing up competed at everything. There was a true passion for Louisiana sports, he was an outspoken LSU and Saints fan, winning was not required!


Andrew chose to join the Army in 2002 but it wasn't until he caught the Special Forces bug in 2009 did he find his true calling. Selection was difficult and the Q course as a combat medic had its challenges. Andrew rose to the challenge with a smile on his face; he became the best at what he did. Andy was smart and a quick learner he had such a willingness to work hard. He was in the best shape of his life, spent thousands of hours working out. No gym, not a problem for Andy, he could turn anything into a workout. God made Andrew to be a Green Beret. We just didn't know it until then. He found a home in the elite Special Forces.

We honor his life by remembering his pride for our country, his loyalty to his friends, family and everything he held dear to his heart. I am sure that if Andrew had it to do over again he would choose the same path. He believed in the mission, he wanted to make a difference in the world. We know that he made a difference in every life that he touched. He believed in his team and loved them fiercely.

We will never understand why God chose to call him home so soon. There will forever be an Andy shaped hole in our world but we will move forward by celebrating a life that was lived with grace, integrity and humility. We strive to live a life worthy of his sacrifice. We carry on by choosing to NEVER FORGET the FALLEN, the SURVIVORS or those who he served along with so we can enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have today.