Arlington Trip Cost

AIRFARE - $500 per person

LODGING - $200 per night

TRANSPORTATION - $30 per day

MEALS - $60 per person/per day

SITE SEEING  - $50 per person

For a family of four, for four nights, this can add up to $4,080 and doesn’t include special comforts.

When you lose a spouse, you become a one-income household. A trip to Arlington is considered a vacation, one that most families can’t afford.

For many of these families, this is the first opportunity since the funeral that they have had to visit this sacred place, to kneel next to the grave of their loved one.

Financial Support

We strive to live a life worthy of Andy's sacrifice. We have a goal to send as many families as possible to Arlington National Cemetery to honor their loved ones.

We can only do this through your generous support. Thank you!

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