About the AWMF


The Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation was established in an effort to support Families of Fallen Special Forces Soldiers by providing trips to Arlington National Cemetery. We are not limiting our vision to only Green Beret’s, but they are our priority. Every fallen Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman is significant and their spot in Arlington is just as sacred. We will accept applications each year from February 22 (Andrew’s birthday) until September 1. The criteria is simple, tell us your story, their story and who you want to send back to Arlington. It does not have to be an immediate family member. We will strive to send as many as we can. Please see our nomination page for more information.


Our purpose is to raise awareness and to meet the needs of Special Forces Soldiers and their families. Our goal here is simple, show us where we can help by filling out an application and we will do all we can to meet the need. The scope is not limited; if there is a guy on your team, who doesn’t get mail, let us know we’ll send him a package. If there is a family with financial hardships, someone in need of counseling, we are not command sponsored and our help can remain anonymous. Need a place to go for the holidays or on leave? We have a spare room, plenty of fresh air and a seat at our dinner table. We are willing to help, simply point us in the right direction.